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Start your Application process for your new home HERE by choosing the particular home you want. Your application will be automatically forwarded to us and we will await the following items from you. Please note that the process will not begin until all documents, applications and funds have been received.

1. Your last thirty days of pay stubs, your 'New hire' letter OR your contract.

Please drop off to the office, fax 313-450-1002 or email to

2. Funds for the first month rent, refundable {minus additional *application charges} if not approved.


     1. *The first potential adult tenant on a property has their information processed FREE, each additional adult requires a $50.00 processing charge.

               2. Please view our Q&A page for commonly asked questions or call our office for details.

3. By submitting the required application, documents and funds you are agreeing to the following:

"I understand that this is an application to establish credit, character, employment, and rental history. I also understand that this is NOT an agreement to rent and that all applications must be approved. I authorize verification of references given. I declare that the statements above are true and correct, and I agree that the landlord may terminate my agreement entered into in reliance on any misstatement made above. As a material inducement to be considered as a tenant for the Premises, I herewith consent to and authorize Grosse Pointe Apartments, LLC or any agent of same, to contact all references named in this application, and to conduct a background check and/or credit review, including obtaining my credit report from any authorized credit reporting agency. The required monetary deposit, received along with this rental application, is non-refundable unless the applicant is not accepted by Grosse Pointe Apartments, llc, owner of the above property or any other agent employed. The received deposit is to be applied to your the first month's rent upon acceptance. I declare under penalty of perjury that the information listed in this application is true and correct."

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