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Question and Answers:

“I am looking to move next month, How much does this service cost?"

Nothing. This is a free service to tenants, Grosse Pointe Apartments works directly with the property at no added cost to the tenant.

"There are two of us looking to rent. How are multiple tenants handled?"

Your first application and credit report are free, each and every additional tenant, above the age of 18, are required to submit and application and supply Grosse Pointe Apartments a $50 application fee.

“My current lease is up in four months. When should I begin looking for my new Grosse Pointe apartment?"

You can begin your search at anytime but any offer to lease should not be made more than five weeks before move in. Owners are always very eager to find nice tenants for their property but are more likely to accept if they aren't waiting more than one month. We schedule appointments 30 days in advance of move date.

Grosse Pointe Park has a new rental ordinance that states that you need to run a background check on me. What does this mean to me? Does this cost me money?

Money for a background check is not needed from a potential tenant. Three data searches are to be preformed on any potential Grosse Pointe Park tenant and the findings are to be supplied to the city upon request. It is simply used as another tool to determine your ability to rent a unit in Grosse Pointe Park.

“How will I benefit from using Grosse Pointe Apartments?"

Before you come into town or spend hours drive around looking for a rental, you will know whether or not a certain area or unit meets your requirements. We represent the Grosse Pointe Community so we know the details, rent, deposit amounts, lease requirements, neighborhood facilities, and many other facts about the apartments, flats, condos and homes. We will help you find the right place, FAST, FREE and EASY. Grosse Pointe Apartments can show you a dozen in one day with only ONE appointment made!

“What schools are in the area?"

Please visit the page for Grosse Pointe Schools for a complete list with phone numbers and addresses.

“Can I smoke in my unit?"

No. We do not manage all of our available units but do consider all buildings smoke free unless the owner says otherwise.

“How will I know when there are new apartments available?"

This site is updated almost every day. Also, please remember to make sure to refresh your browser. Apartments labeled "coming soon" are not able to be seen yet but once it reads "Available" it can be viewed today.

“I am coming into town for work and am not able to visit early to secure my apartment, can I get a new home without ever stepping foot in Grosse Pointe?"

Sure. One of our leasing specialists can work with you personally regarding photos, documents, deposits and leases via email, phone and mail to make sure you are happy with your new home and neighborhood.

"I let you know I was going to be giving a deposit on this apartment next week, how did it get rented already?"

Until a signed application and a first month deposit has been placed on a specific unit it is still considered available and will continue to be shown to other potential tenants. 

"I want to see some apartments, how does this work?"

It is a very simple process. Call us at 313.505.0456 or write to schedule an appointment. Appointments are generally one to two hours long and you will be shown all apartments that fall into your needs and wants. 

“What choices do I have in rental housing?"

Apartments, Flats and Studios are all privately owned and found in abundance while Condominiums and houses are privately owned as well, in smaller supply and are usually rented very quickly. Timing is important. Sometimes we have a good selection of a certain type; other times we do not have many available.

“How long does it take to be approved for an apartment?"

One to three days is standard but it can take up to two weeks depending on the circumstances and the amount of information to be reviewed by the specific owner.

“I saw an exact apartment advertised but it was cheaper than listed on your site, how does that work?"

Our prices listed are directly from the owner and they may not have informed us yet of a price reduction. Please know that the price of the apartment is whatever the owner advertises it at, Grosse Pointe Apartments never charges more than advertised.

“I have heard alot about the parks in Grosse Pointe, how do I gain access to them?"

Parks in Grosse Pointe are for residents only and it is strictly enforced. A park pass is required every year and can be obtained in each city with proper documentation. 

“What are the choices of areas to live in Grosse Pointe?"

There are five areas of Grosse Pointe. Grosse Pointe City, Grosse Pointe Park, Grosse Pointe Woods, Grosse Pointe Shores and Grosse Pointe Farms. Grosse Pointe Park does have the highest concentration of available rental units.

“When should I have the utilities switched over into my name?"

Generally the new tenant has 24 hours after a leasing signing to call DTE and have the utilities switched. If the lease signing is on a Friday, Monday is usually fine. It is not suggested that you switch them over prior to your lease signing.

“What is required to be approved for an apartment?"

Many different things are factored including employment/income verification and your credit score which is pulled and reviewed by Grosse Pointe Apartments. Did you know that by law you are entitled to your FREE credit report every year? Please visit and request yours, it is easy to do and there is nothing you are required to purchase. Everyone should know what is being reported about them, you may be surprised what you find.

“Furnished or Unfurnished?"

You will find that very few apartment communities offer furnished units. The majority of apartments are unfurnished.

“I found the place I wanted and put in an application and placed a deposit. My friend told me about this new place in Ferndale and I went to go look at it and want that place now. Can I have my deposit back so I can get that one?"

No. Deposits are completely non-refundable unless you are not approved for the apartment and then issued a 100% refund. Once a deposit is received the apartment is marked "lease pending or leased" and all showings on that unit stop until an approval is received. Money cannot be returned for any other reason. 

"How accurate is the website regarding available units?" is updated every day or two so you know exactly what is happening in our area. More legal stuff: The information provided herein is supplied by several sources and is subject to change without notice. Grosse Pointe Apartments, LLC does not guarantee or is anyway responsible for its accuracy, and provides said information without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied.

“I have been looking at for a few days now and really liked this one apartment. Just this morning I saw that it now reads 'Lease Pending,' what does that mean?"

In very simple terms it means a potential tenant has placed a deposit and an application on that property, their information is now being reviewed by us and the owner. It will not be shown again until a decision has been made, It does not mean the unit has rented but it possibly could be very soon.

"I found the apartment I wanted, placed a deposit on it and submitted my rental application to Grosse Pointe Apartments. The next day I purchased a washer and dryer for the unit because one is not being supplied by the owner, that same day I was called by your office and was told I did not get the apartment. What am I supposed to do now with these appliances?"

Until a potential tenant is approved for an apartment no furnishings should be purchased or money spent on that unit. Nothing is guaranteed until that specific owner reviews documents and gives us an approval for you. 

“I just went through a Foreclosure and/or Bankruptcy, will I be approved for an apartment in the area?"

Everyone's situation is different and everything is taken in consideration during the application process. Yes, it is possible to lease an apartment in the area after a foreclosure and/or Bankruptcy".

“How much should I expect to be paying in utilities at this apartment?"

Once you are interested in a specific apartment you can call DTE at 1-800-477-4747 and they can give you the average monthly combined bills for that address. People use utilities differently so please just use the information obtained as a guide and not as a rule.

“What cable companies are in the area?"

Comcast Cable and AT+T are available.

“Why do some advertised properties have a link to Google Street Maps and others don't?"

Google is working very hard to survey the streets and some have not been finished yet, as soon as they complete their large task GPA will supply that information to you.

“What lease terms are available?"

The most common lease term is twelve (12) months. Six (6) months and a few month to month are sometimes also available.

“What should I expect if I own a pet?"

Each individual Grosse Pointe owner has their own specific rules when it comes to animals. You should expect to have your choices very limited to the apartments that allow pets. You may be required to place either a refundable or non-refundable pet deposit and/or pay an additional pet rent. 

“I scheduled my appointment with Grosse Pointe Apartments, what should I bring with me?"

It depends on how quickly you wish to secure your new GP home; If you are just checking the area out or looking for an example of the available apartments you won't need to bring anything with you. If you are ready to rent you should bring something to write your notes in, a current pay stub, your contract (if applicable) and a method to pay for a deposit if you decide to place a unit on hold while your application is reviewed.

“Can I pay my initial deposit by credit card?"

Yes, Grosse Pointe Apartments. LLC accepts initial deposits through Zelle and and you don't need to set up an account with them to send money. It's quick, easy and FREE... Just like Grosse Pointe Apartments !

“I collect points or airline miles, can I pay my monthly lease payment by credit card?"

Every property is different, every owner does things differently. It is suggested that you speak with your new property owner and see what can be arranged. Some landlords even have your monthly lease payment automatically withdrawn from your bank account on the 1st of the month.

“How will my car insurance change by living in Grosse Pointe?"

It is suggested that you speak with your car insurance company and get a personal rate quote from them.

Have a question for Grosse Pointe Apartments? Ask. Contact us and we will get back with you.

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